The Service Bureau uses a Graphtec FC8600-160 vinyl cutter for professional-quality cutting. 


What is Vinyl Cutting?
A vinyl cutter is a type of computer-controlled plotter. The computer controls the movement of a sharp blade to cut designs & text into a single color thin self-adhesive plastic or vinyl. 

You can use vinyl cutting to make window decals, wall text for a gallery, reflective stickers, or stencils for painting or screen printing.


For more information on file layout and set-up and pricing, download our How To Booklet:

Everything You Need To Know About Vinyl Cutting Guide.


  General Guidelines

Roll Specs: 28″ MAX WIDTH for most rolls. 
Vinyl Type: Avery 900 Ultimate Cast
Vinyl Colors: Matte Black, Glossy Black, Matte White , Glossy White, & Dark Grey, Cardinal Red, Dark Yellow, Reflex Blue, Fluorescent Magenta, Reflective Red, Reflective White, Paintmask, Etchmark (frosted), Light Gray, Bayshore Blue, Orange, Clover Green, Lavender.
Size:   Minimum 1 sq/ft for in stock media  / Minimum 2 sq/ft for special orders
Vinyl Rating: 4-7 years , depending on type
File Type: Illustrator files only


48 Hours for Cutting Only

Due to staffing and space limitations we are no longer offering Weeding and Taping services through the Service Bureau.

Your job will be supplied to you cut only, with all the vinyl still intact. We are happy to show you how to weed and tape your work. Please let us know if you need assistance.

   File Preparation

Digital Files
We recommend using Adobe Illustrator to build your file. All elements of the image must be vector objects in order for the machine to see a cut line.

Fonts + Text
We recommend text is not smaller than 24pt—36pt
Serif fonts are harder to weed than sans-serif.

Strokes and text must be converted to outlines.

File Format
All files must be AI or EPS with all designs as closed vector paths with no overlapping paths.

It helps to open the file in Illustrator and go to View > Outline.  The cutter will cut all the lines you see.  Any black space will not be cut.

We will not adjust files that are submitted incorrectly.


   Order Submission

Cut Vinyl orders are submitted via our Digital Storefront at the link below. Our storefront is able to give you an realtime price quote without placing an order.



 Questions? Schedule a Consultation or Tour  


In addition to our regular stock, we have a limited selection of assorted vinyl colors available. You can also special order any of the Avery 900 Ultimate Cast colors, adding at least 4 days to your turnaround time. Come see us at the Service Bureau for more details.

To purchase your own vinyl to cut with us we recommend Sign Outlet Store or Us Cutter.

To be safe please consult a technician before purchasing materials for cutting. A sample book of available colors is available upon request.


Glossy Black
Glossy White
Dark Gray
Cardinal Red
Reflex Blue
Dark Yellow
Fluorescent Magenta
Light Gray
Bayshore Blue
Clover Green


Vinyl TypeRoll Width CostAvailable Colors
Normal Vinylup to 30" $4.00 sq/ftGlossy Black, Glossy White, Dark Grey, Cardinal Red, Dark Yellow, Reflex Blue
Specialty Vinylup to 30"$5.00 sq/ftMatte Black, Matte White, Fluorescent Magenta, Bayshore Blue, Reflective Red, Reflective White, Paint Mask, Orange, Clover Green, Lavender, Sandblast.
Supply your own mediaup to 50"$3.00 sq/ftAvery sample book available upon request.

Finishing and Install Instructions

Your job will be supplied to you cut, with all the vinyl still intact. The Service Bureau is no longer offering weeding services due to space and staffing limitations.

This vinyl comes attached to a paper liner and with a permanent adhesive.

That paper liner goes face down when cutting, so the colored vinyl side is exposed to the blade. After cutting, removing or “weeding” the excess material from the liner in necessary.

When your design is fully weeded, you will need to place Application Tape on top of the vinyl and burnish with a squeegee. The pressure from the squeegee releases the vinyl from the liner allowing it to lift with the tape.

Now you can place your decal on almost any hard surface, burnish with the squeegee once more, and when you lift the tape this time the vinyl remains on the object.


To “weed” a vinyl job means to remove the excess vinyl from the liner, leaving only your words and designs.

Some advice when weeding your file:
— Go slowly. Work in small sections and peel the material off a little at a time
— Use a clean, sharp knife. A dull knife will result in accidental cuts or rough edges. 
— The smaller the type of more detailed the pattern, the more difficult it will be. If you’re new to weeding, you may want to practice with simpler designs first. 
— We’re here to help! Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from one of our experienced staff.

Application Tape

Tape must be applied over the vinyl to hold the pieces in place and transfer them from the liner on to the wall. Taping is even easier than weeding . We will provide you with the tape, squeegees for pressing the tape to the vinyl and removing bubbles, and lots of tips and tricks.


We won’t install the vinyl for you, but here’s some good advice on how to make it go smoothly:

— Clean the wall. Vinyl doesn’t stick well to grime. Recommended: Isopropyl alcohol and paper towels.
— Remove the lining slowly so as not to accidentally peel the vinyl off the application tape.
— Use a credit card or squeegee to make sure the vinyl is stuck to the wall before removing the application tape. Start at one side and work your way across.