Using the latest Epson print technology (Epson 11880/Epson 9900/Epson P9000) in conjunction with the X-Rite SpectroProofer we monitor color accuracy throughout production and ensure the highest quality output for our clients.

Our technicians are responsible for the creation of custom profiles for all our media, proper archival handling methods and are equipped to print your artwork on the best suited machine for the media selected.

Below are listed features of our Wide-Format Inkjet service. Please review our file preparation requirements, turnaround times, and paper options before confirming any submission.

  File Preparation

Digital Files
We recommend that you work in Adobe RGB (1998) with a minimum resolution of 180 dpi and maximum of 360 dpi.

Files should be flattened with NO Alpha Channels.

File Format
Files should be saved as TIF or PDF at exactly the size you intend them to be printed. We will not adjust files that are submitted incorrectly.

Document Size
The document you upload should be the exact size you intend it to be printed. We do not scale files and will ask you to resend files not sized appropriately.
If you require a white border around the image you will need to add this to your document before submission. 

The width and height you input and the file you upload should be the same exact dimensions. 

Test Strip
There is no charge for the first test strip. The test strip will be done within 24 hours of submission of your order.

Please be sure to read our Policies and Guidelines Reprint Policy.

        Download and View the Wide Format Inkjet Pricing – Service Bureau Pricing PDF


Turnaround times are in business days and do not include weekends or holidays. Test strips will be completed within 1 day after file submission.

Once you approve the test strip we will begin production on your final print.

3 business days – Standard turnaround time, no additional cost is incurred.
2 business days – 50% of total cost applied.
1 business day- 100% of total cost applied.

Test strips add an additional 24 hours to all turnaround times.

Note: Our wide-format printers print on roll media. Your print will be printed at the size you ordered on the appropriate sized media with crop marks to indicate where it will need to be cut down. We will roll your print in acid-free glassine and butcher paper until it is ready for pick up.

   Order Submission

Wide-Format Inkjet orders are submitted via our Digital Storefront at the link below.

Price Quotes
Our storefront provides a real-time price quote without placing an order. Simply choose the Wide-Format Inkjet product, put in the width and height, choose the desired media and the price quote will display in the lower left of the screen. 

At any time if you feel that the jobs are not being calculated correctly please alert us in the Special Instructions section and we will make sure the total is correct.

Ordering Multiple Files
If all the files you will be ordering are the same size you can simply add them all at the top of the window with the Add More Files option during document upload. The DSF will add up the total square feet for the multiple items and list them in the same order.

If you have files that are multiple sizes you will have to add them to your cart individually. After adding each file to your cart simply click the Return to Storefront option and continue with the next file. Although this is time consuming it will allow DSF to calculate your job correctly with the collective square footage for all jobs combined.

We only only accept ARTICard payments for jobs is required when you pick up your order and are paid for with your ARTICard. For more information on what ARTICard is and how to add funds to your account please visit the ARTICard departments page here.

Pick Up
The Service Bureau does not offer finishing options on wide-format inkjet prints. Your print will be printed at the size you ordered on the appropriate sized media with crop marks to indicate where it will need to be cut down. We will roll your print in acid-free paper until it is ready for pick up.

If you are having difficulty using our Digital Storefront please contact the Service Bureau at 312-629-9155 or



There is a 2 square foot pricing minimum on all inkjet orders.

The Service Bureau offers over 20 types of paper and specialty media to suit your project needs.

To estimate your printing cost you can use our Digital Storefront as a calculator by plugging in the width and height and choosing the media you are interested in using. 

Inkjet prints are priced by the square foot. To calculate out the square footage of your file use this equation: (height” X width”) ÷ 144.
To estimate how much a print will cost you need to know your image’s exact height (H) and width (W) in inches. Using those dimensions you can figure out the square footage.
(H” x W”) ÷ 144 = (# of sq/ft). This number you will then multiply by the cost of the paper. 

Download and View the Wide Format Inkjet Pricing – Service Bureau Pricing PDF

The Service Bureau is now offering a series of Jaquard FabriSign Coated Fabrics : Artist Canvas 6.5oz, Silk Satin 12mm and Cotton Broadcloth. These media are only available on the Epson 11880 printer.

FabriSign is a professional coating used for any aqueous (water-based) inks. FabriSign treated fabrics will be water-resistant, but not washable. Prints will yield deep, rich colors. FabriSign coating is perfect for fine art prints, giclée prints, banners, advertising prints and prototypes.