Before following the instructions below please make sure you have setup the necessary bleed area in your document (0.125″). You should have also pulled out any design elements out to the Red Bleed lines. These are elements that will appear to go off the edge of the paper once it is cut.

First, download the Service Bureau Print Driver. You will need to install, quit all your applications, restart the machine and then reopen InDesign

Open your document in Adobe InDesign,
 Choose File > Print Booklet


Click Print Settings






















For the ‘Printer‘, choose Postscript File


For the ‘PPD’, choose: ‘SAIC Service Bureau’


Then, Click ‘Print Blank Pages’


Then click Setup at the left

Choose the appropriate page size, please note that the this imposition process will place two pages next to each other, and the crop and bleed will add roughly 0.8″ extra so if your final desired page size is 8.5×11″ you would need to choose the 12×18″ sheet size so that everything fits onto the page. The booklet is cut down after printing to your desired final size using the crop marks.


Choose ‘Horizontal’


Set the ‘Page Position’ to Centered


Click ‘Marks & Bleed’ tab on the left side, Click to check ‘Crop Marks’, ‘Bleed Marks’,

‘Use Document Bleed Settings’ should also be checked


Click OK to bring you back to the Print Booklet window

Click the Preview tab on the left side of the window, if there is a yellow exclamation mark or the document has red sections there is most likely a problem with the page size or orientation(rotation). You should see crop marks on each side of the document and the bleed should extend past the crop marks to the bleed marks.


Click Print to create the postscript file.

Find the Postscript file in your finder, Right Click (Control & Click) and select Open With > Adobe Distiller


Click OK, to start the PDF conversion process


It may take a moment to process the file but it will say ‘End of Job’ in the log at the bottom of the window when it is finished


Always open your PDF in Acrobat to confirm that all the crop marks and bleed have been included and that nothing is getting cut off. To check the size of a PDF in Adobe Acrobat roll your mouse over the lower left corner of the window and the size will display.


Your file is ready to submit to the Digital Storefront!


If you have any questions or problems email us or click here and sign up for a 10 Minute Zoom Consultation with one of our staff.