Our Pickup Cabinet is located in the Sharp Building on the 11th Floor in the elevator lobby (Directly across from the elevators and next to the VISCOM desk).

There is no lock or code.

Your order will be in the cabinet if:

  1. You received an email alert stating the order had been completed. 
  2. 1 hour has elapsed since you received this email. It may be sooner but we don’t guarantee it.

Once payment is processed your order is marked complete and you will receive an email notification that we have taken payment and the order is ready for pick up. 

Your order is placed in the cabinet within 1 hour after you receive this email notification. 

All paid orders that are completed during our scheduled production times will be placed in the cabinet before staff leave for the day.  [ Monday through Friday :  9-5pm ] 

You are welcome to grab your order at any time.

If you have any issues with finding your order please let us know as soon as possible via email.
We are staffed in the facility Monday – Friday 9-5pm and can come assist you if necessary.

Laser, Binding, Risograph
Will be packaged in brown flat merchandise bags with your name and order number. 

Small Test Strips and Vinyl Orders
Some smaller roll orders may be placed in the cabinet on one of the shelves rather than the wire bins due to their size. They will be labeled with your name and order number. 

Wide-format Latex/Inkjet
Wide Format prints and larger vinyl orders will be rolled up in white butcher paper, labeled with your name and order number and placed in the wire bins to the right of the cabinet.

If you have accommodations and are unable to use the cabinet please email us and we will contact you to set up an alternative.