Our machine is an MZ-1090 and has two drums, which allows it to print two colors in a single pass.

What is Risograph Printing?
Similar to screen printing, the Risograph MZ-1090 uses single colors to print designs from a master stencil. Great for bold designs, posters, comic art, pretty much anything with a graphic quality to it.

Riso sits between screen printing and offset lithography. Using a stencil-based printing process and soy based inks gives riso-prints a result similar to silkscreen with vibrant bright colors. Great for bold designs, posters, comic art, pretty much anything with a graphic quality to it.*

*If you’re looking for photographic quality reproduction, we recommend using our Inkjet or Laser printing services instead.

Order Minimum: 10 Copies
Size:  8.5″x11″ or 11″x17″ 

Paper: Uncoated Papers up to 80# Cardstock.

Our Risograph reliably accepts paper weights between 50# text and 80# cover. We do offer many papers, but we are happy to try out a new stock. 

When looking to purchase paper for your project, keep in mind Risograph ink primarily dries by absorption, so the paper must be uncoated. Paper that has a tooth works best. Please feel free to bring a sample for us before buying to make sure it will work.

Ink Colors: Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Orange, Fluorescent Pink, Purple, Lime Green, Metallic Gold – WHITE!
Ink Type: Soy-based, translucent ink

File Type: PDF


48 hours + 24 hours for each additional color. Turnaround times are dependent on drying time between printing each color and side.  There are no Rush options for Risograph.

For more information on file layout and set-up and prices, download our Everything You Need To Know About Risograph Guide.


We currently have 11 colors. We show you here an approximation of the RGB color and the Pantone reference information.

Risograph ink is translucent, so its final appearance depends on the color of the paper it is printed on and the layering of each ink. Colors can be overprinted to create new ones. it is possible to blend any combination of tints together to produce color variants.

We have an Adobe Swatch file of all the colors available for download on our Resources page.

ColorPantone ColorHex Color 
BlackPMS-Black UHex #000000
Fluorescent PinkPMS-806 UHex #FF48B0
Bright RedPMS-185 UHex #F15060
PMS- 021 UHex #FF6C2F
YellowPMS- Yellow UHex #FFE800
Lime GreenPMS- 380 UHex #D4E356
GreenPMS- 354 UHex #00A75C
BluePMS- 3005UHex #0075BF
PurplePMS- 275UHex #5D5580
Metallic GoldPMS- 872 UHex #AC936E
WhiteHex #AC936E

  Submission Guidelines

Digital Files
For each print you submit we require ONE FILE PER COLOR and a Composite.

A composite: a color PDF of what the end result is meant to look like.

(For example, for a 2 color print you would submit 3 files.)

File Format
We accept PDF.

The risograph creates halftones. No need to add them in Photoshop.

The Risograph machine has a resolution of 600 dpi. Use this resolution for your images. 300 dpi will also work but for thin lines we recommand 600.

Vectorize your font to avoid any problem of pixellation. Size should not go under 6 pt.


 Plate Setup 1 Color
2 Colors
3 Colors
Text Weight